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This blog is meant to assist people from any destination worldwide in finding flights to and from The Gambia as well as great holiday packages and accomodation. The travel advice given was thoroughly researched and all links and information were valid at the time of posting, however I cannot guarantee that things might have changed since. Please register and comment especially if you have experience with a referred airline, hotel or travel agency or contatc me to add a posting. I wish you a safe journey and a happy holiday.

Condor flys Gambia again

Link: http://www.condor.com

The German company Condor is flying Germany-Gambia again. The first flight started since the 2nd of November. Flights will be continued until the end of the main tourism season, end of April.

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Brussels Airlines flights from Brussels via Dakar to Banjul have ceased

Link: http://www.foroyaa.gm/modules/news/article.php?storyid=6014

According to latest information Brussels Airlines flights from Brussels via Dakar to Banjul have ceased with effect from 6 January 2011. Brussel Airlines official, Mr Sciot stated in an interview with a local newspaper that the airline received a letter from the Senegalese Authorities that as from 6 January they would be no longer allowed to operate flights to Senegal in combination with other destinations (For example they can no longer operate the popular Brussels-Dakar-Banjul-Dakar-Brussels flights as they used to do for the last 8 years). Mr Sciot stated that now they are only allowed to operate Brussels-Dakar-Brussels flights without continuing to Banjul. So far no explenation has been given by the Senegalese authorities as to what prompted this decision. Mr. Sciot confirmed “We do not know the reasons for this decision as we had the traffic rights to operate flights to Dakar in combination with a stop in another West African Country." Therefore the daily Brussels-Dakar-Brussels flights will continue but have to be operated with an extra aircraft. However there will be no more flights between Dakar and Banjul. The Brussels Airlines Vice President-External Communications/Corporate Communication appologized for any inconvenience and promised that all passengers concerned will receive full refund. The direct Banjul flights shall not be affected but combined with other West African Destinations. Hopefully this will not lead to longer flight times. The last flight on the 11th jan. 2011 reached Banjul 4 hrs late because of fliying to another West African country. Brussels Airlines is the most expensive carrier between Europe and The Gambia. Therfore clients would most likely expect to be given a little better service.
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New in The Gambia - Laico Atlantic Hotel offers "All Inclusive"

For many years "all inclusive" was banned in the Gambia but now it is back! It was believed that the "all inclusive" would be advantageous as local sellers, bars and restaurants would not have chance to have a share but all would go to the big international tour operators and the so cherished forex would all stay outside of the country. A heated debate was on for many years. However for the Atlantic Hotel, a classic hotel in the capital city of Banjul the "all inclusive" was finally approved. A move that probably takes into consideration, that this particular hotel is far away from the tourism sites and moving especially late night could be difficult and costly. The hotel is situated directly at the beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gambia. Below the advert I received from the hotel: Laico Atlantic Hotel is proud to announce in addition to its existing B&B and Half Board packages. We like to thank the Honourable Minister for Tourism and Culture Madam Fatou Mass Jobe Njie as well as Madam Binta Jobe General Manager of Gambia Tourism Authority for the fast andling of our request and approval. ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE starting on Monday 17th January 2011 A quality All Inclusive Offer that will inspire you all through.... All Inclusive means: · Room with Breakfast Buffet · Lunch Buffet · Dinner Buffet · Whole day selection of snacks served · Whole day selection of beverages served · All games and sports facilities are free of charge Our entire team is passionate about this new development and we are eager to serve you in a warm and relax environment. Come and see us Tel: (0022) 4228 601 / 1 - Fax: (00220) 4227 861 - Email: reservations@laico-atlantic.gm
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Virgin Air is now Air Nigeria

Link: http://www.myairnigeria.com

Virgin Nigeria Airways and Nigerian Eagle Airlines have amalgamated to form Air Nigeria, the national flag carrier of Nigeria. Since the new criteria for re-capitalization were published in 2007 Virgin Nigeria was struggeling. However now it has reached final agreements and became part of Air Nigeria. The new arangements hopefully bring better quality and services as promised. The service is covering Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria and other West African states.




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Brussels Airlines

Link: http://www.brusselsairlines.com

Brussels Airlines is the most regular airline carrier flying to and from The Gambia since its inception. It is the successor of Sabena, who was very popular. Flights can be booked online directly from the website. Unfortunately the carrier is quite expensive.  Brussels Airlines has its hub in Brussels. From there you can easily connect to anywhere in the World. Brussels Airlines offers business class flights, cargo solutions and may be used to transport people home in case of accident requiring medical attention in Europe.

Head Office, Belgium

B. House
Airport Building 26
Ringbaan - 1831

Telephone number:
+32 (0) 2 723 23 45 Ticket Reservations
+32 (0) 2 723 23 62 After sales help desk


+44 0 905 60 95 609 Gatwick



Ticket Sales Office

Bertil Harding Highway
PMB 277 Serrekunda
The Gambia
Telephone number:
Phone +220 - 4466 880
Phone +220-4466 881/882/883/885
Fax +220 - 4466 999
Mobile: +220 7766786

Email: Bakary.Sonko@busselsairlines.com
(Sales & Pricing Manager - Commercial)
Opening Hours:
Monday till Thursday:  08:30 - 17:00
Friday :08:30 - 13:00
Saturday: 08:30 - 14:00

Banjul International Airport

Ticketing Office
Tel: 4472913
Fax: 4472787
Email: bjlap@brusselsairlines.com

Opening hours:
Friday and Sunday:  15:30 - 21:00
Flight Banjul to Brussels: 21:00


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Bellview out

According to reports of travellers to and from Nigeria it seems that Bellview is no longer operating to The Gambia.


Freelance Jobs



Freelance Jobs


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Toptours suspended

Link: http://www.toptours.ee/eng

According to latest information the company Toptours is no longer operating.
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From Finnland or Estonia to Gambia with Toptours

Link: http://www.toptours.ee/eng

For travellers from Estonia or Finland the tour operator Toptours starts offering holiday packages in The Gambia. Among the hotels contracted is Mansea Beach Hotel, a value budget hotel in Sengambia/Kololi area.
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Fly to The Gambia from Westafrican destinations with ASKY

Link: http://www.flyasky.com/en/others/home.aspx

Asky logo A new African airline is trying to bring citys in Westafrica within your reach. Asky is based in Lomé and serves Ouagadougou, Accra, Bamako, Banjul, Brazzaville, Cotonou, Kinshasa, Libreville, Lome and since March 2010 four new destinations: Niamey, Douala, Conakry and Freetown. destinations covered by Askyhttp://www.flyasky.com/timetable/kptimetable.html All flights departing from Banjul: http://www.flyasky.com/timetable/BJL.html In Banjul you find the ASKY Airlines Agency office on 20 Kairaba Avenue opposite Pipeline Mosque. Gel +220 439 93 01/02/04/05/06 email: dilip@satgurutravel.com
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Volcano Ashes Maps

Link: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/aviation/vaac/vaacuk_vag.html

From Volcanic Ash Advisory from London - Issued graphics you can see the latest maps of volcano ashes in the sky. An example below.
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